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ABK - Amrita Bala Kendra


In 2009 when Amma visited Washington, she asked us to start a program exclusively for children on an ongoing basis called the Amrita Bala Kendra (literal meaning Amrita Children’s Center).

As Amma says, “Gaining mastery over the mind is the real education.” Children are the world’s wealth, and how we guide and train them will make or mar their future. Amrita Bala Kendra is a tool Amma has provided to ensure that today’s youth will grow into good citizens and positive contributors to society. ABK prepares them for the world and for the difficulties they will face, by guiding them in the application of Amma’s teachings.

As per Amma’s instructions, the Amrita Bala Kendra has been designed to include a variety of spiritual topics such that the children are immersed in fun, engaging, educational activities that are based in Amma’s spiritual teachings.

There is no fee to enroll in Amrita Bala Kendra. However, there will be a nominal charge to cover the cost of ABK class material and supplies. Donations to MA Center are always welcome.

Bala Kendra classes are for ages 4 to 12 and activities will typically be held weekly; class duration are ~90 minutes.

ABK classes are held at M.A. Center DC at 9109 Harrington Dr., Potomac MD 20854. If you are interested in enrolling your child in ABK, please email abk@ammadc.org.

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