Amma Toronto

AYUDH TO Give Campaign 2023

Volunteers delivering items to Youth Without Shelter

AYUDH TO volunteer at Youth Without ShelterFollowing the launch of AYUDH Give Initiative by AYUDH North Americas, AYUDH TO in collaboration with Amma Toronto satsang members focused on donating to Youth Without Shelter. Youth Without Shelter (YWS) is a charity organization based in Etobicoke, Ontario. Their mission is to help support youth facing homelessness in the GTA, and to set them on a path for success in society. YWS provides safe shelter, food and necessities, guidance, resources and mental health support. They focus on developing youths’ personal strengths such as confidence, resilience and self-esteem and offer various programs that help to set youth up for success in their life. The goods YWS needed most included sanitary and hygiene products (eg. shampoo/conditioner, body wash, skin products, silk caps/bonnets, etc), gift cards (eg. Visa, Amazon, grocery stores, etc) and other items such as suitcases, duffle bags and blankets.

The Amma Toronto satsang and AYUDH members showed great enthusiasm in contributing to the initiative!  AYUDH TO received over $700 worth of goods, including included body lotion, face cream, face masks, hand wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, sanitary pads, shampoo, lip balms, body wash, bath towels, face towels, comforters/blankets, and $10 and $25 gift cards (for Tim Hortons, etc). Volunteers dropped off the goods at the YWS and met with the staff. Through this, AYUDH TO and Amma Toronto satsang members learnt more about YWS and built a relationship with the shelter that they are looking forward to continuing in the future!

Items donated to AYUDH TO's 2023 Give campaign supporting Youth Without Shelter