Seattle Mother's Kitchen Resumes Service

The Mother's Kitchen team in Seattle started up again on Feb. 4, 2023, and experienced a warm welcome from the Union Gospel Mission (UGM) guests and volunteers.  The team prepared and served yakisoba with vegetables and tofu for lunch.  A few people mentioned that the UGM building smelled the best it had in a long while.  A UGM guest said that they were the best volunteers he’s seen there.  The UGM chef requested copies of the recipes prepared, and emailed, the following "I just wanted to say how amazing that the BAM (Bring A Meal) from mother's kitchen was.  I have never had a vegetarian meal that was that good!  They were efficient and left the kitchen clean.  If you can please pass on my thanks to them." 

To learn more about Mother's Kitchen and sign-up to volunteer for future events, visit Seattle Mother's Kitchen.