About Us

Amma’s Seattle Satsang is a vibrant group of people from the greater Seattle area who are drawn to Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) – her spiritual teachings, environmental initiatives, and humanitarian efforts. Our group is a part of the Pacific Northwest Amma community. We are a diverse community that welcomes, accepts, and celebrates the differences of each individual.

We gather each Sunday afternoon to share spiritual practices. Our weekly spiritual gathering, also called Satsang, consists of prayers, chanting, meditation, readings from Amma’s teachings, devotional singing, or bhajans, and offering of the arati flame (symbolic of consciousness). After Satsang we share refreshments, conversation, and announcements of group activities.

We value cultural holidays and celebrate festivals such as Shivaratri, Easter, GuruPoornima, Amma’s birthday, Navratri, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve with special Satsangs. We also invite senior disciples of Amma to lead Satsangs. In addition, members host gatherings in their homes, which are very popular among the community.

Meditation is integral to our spiritual practices. Our instructors teach the Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM) course & IAM refreshers regularly throughout the year. There are also regular group IAM practices for those who have already learned this meditation technique.

We believe in serving our local community. Our group members take an active part in a variety of community service projects including Mother’s Kitchen, GreenFriends, and the Pacific Northwest Litter project. Mother’s Kitchen cooks and serves breakfast for the homeless and those in need once a month. GreenFriends and the Litter project are dedicated to nurturing the natural environment. GreenFriends plants trees in the community and raises funds by selling plants, while the Litter project is dedicated to cleaning up litter everywhere, including Seattle city parks. Please visit the Projects page for more information on these and other group projects.

We welcome you to attend Seattle Satsang and meet a community of people who practice Amma's teachings and find joy in singing together, meditating, and sharing the gift of service. These activities bring inner purification, strengthen our sense of unity, and impart the fragrance of love and kindness towards one another.

Satsang Schedule

3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Opening Prayers, 108 Names, 1000 Names, Short quiet time, Prayer Requests & Announcements, Bhajans, Arati, Closing Prayers

Satsang Location
Please check the event in the events page for time and location.