M.A. Center New England

Mother's Kitchen

Mother's Kitchen

Amma has graced us with three ongoing Mother’s Kitchens in New England serving:

  • Abby’s House in Worchester, MA
  • Waltham Women’s Shelter in Waltham, MA
  • Plimpton House in Hartford, CT

Amma is continually showing and teaching us how important it is to feed those less fortunate than ourselves. If you would like to participate in this deep, heart-based seva there are many options available.
One way to get involved is to help prepare a meal. Another way of being part of Mother’s Kitchen is to help by sponsoring all, or part of, a meal. Any support is greatly appreciated. If you are thinking of sponsoring a meal, please contact the appropriate coordinator below for details.

Mother’s Kitchen in Massachusetts

Abby’s House, Worcester, MAMeal prepared at the MA Center in Boylston, MA
Devotees meet at the MA Center of New England on the first Saturday of each month to prepare an organic, vegetarian meal for the women and children of Abby’s House in Worchester. Volunteers are needed to buy food, prepare the meal, or sponsor a meal. Satsang follows at 4 pm.
Details and Contact Information for MA Center of New England Mother’s Kitchen: 245 Linden Street, Boylston, MA. Group Meal prepared on the 1st Saturday of each month. Contact Liz at lynnetracycooke@comcast.net

Waltham Women’s Shelter, Waltham, MA – Meal Prepared in Lexington, MA
On the second Saturday of each month, devotees meet together at a private home in Lexington, MA, to prepare meals for the approximately 20 women served by Waltham Women’s Shelter. There is a brief meditation and prayer, the meal is prepared, the food is delivered, and a satsang follows. If you would like to be involved in buying and/or preparing the food, or sponsoring a meal, your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Details and Contact Information for Lexington Mother’s Kitchen: 6 Hawthorne Road, Lexington, MA. Group meal prepared on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Contact Jayanthi at amruta4500@yahoo.com.

Mother’s Kitchen in Connecticut

Plimpton House, Hartford, CT – Meal Prepared in Devotees’ Homes
Plimpton House is a semi-permanent residence for 35 homeless people. A healthy, vegetarian meal is prepared and served the second Saturday of each month. Separate parts of the meal are prepared in sevites’ homes and food is then brought to the shelter and served to the residents. You can contribute by preparing a dish, making a monetary donation to sponsor a meal, and/or helping to serve the residents.
Details and Contact Information for Plimpton House Mother’s Kitchen: 847 Asylum Road, Hartford, CT. Sevites prepare a dish at their homes and meet to serve the residents of Plimpton House on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Contact Jill at cole.jill@sbcglobal.net.

Thank you to all who have helped to make this important seva blossom!