Weekly Satsang

San Diego Satsang is held at various locations every week, please refer to Events for location.

Typical schedule for the satsang:

6:00 PM Reading from selected Text or Book
6:10 PM Dhyāna ślōka and Amma's 108 names
6:30 PM Bhajans
7:30 PM Meditation & Circle of Love Prayer
7:50 PM Ārati
8:00 PM Closing Prayers & Announcements
8:10 PM - Vegetarian pot luck dinner

Special Note to Parents:

Please be aware that the Satsang locations are not child-proof. Please keep your child in mind during satsang to keep them safe and to avoid breakage. We ask that you consider other people’s experience at satsang and try to find quiet activities for them during satsang and especially during the brief meditation and prayer time at the end.

We are all interested in the spiritual welfare of Amma’s children and welcome them gladly with the above considerations in mind. If you are interested in participating in a cooperative satsang day care, please contact us.