Mother's Kitchen

Do you have an upcoming birthday or anniversary?  Sponsor a meal or help provide a hot, nutritious one in honor of your loved one! Sign up below.  We host lunch in Ann Arbor every Saturday at Staples Family Center, and breakfast in Detroit every Wednesday (during winter) at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Southfield.

Mothers Kitchen started in Ann Arbor in 1997. Since then every Saturday, different satsang members and friends lovingly prepare and serve at the Salvation Army’s Staples Family Center, a homeless family shelter in Ann Arbor. Meals are provided for about 30 people (adults and children). Average cost to sponsor a meal for the whole group is $50.00, which is generously sponsored by satsang members.

Cost to sponsor a meal is $50. Please click here to sign up as a sponsor or helper. Please contact Kathleen Jefferson for more details.

Contact Information:
Coordinators: Kathleen Jefferson, Sumathy Nathan