About IAM Meditation Technique

IAM® - Integrated Amrita Meditation is a short and simple approach to meditation that anyone can learn. It is a powerful way to reconnect with your real center and thereby experience true joy and peace in life. This technique is born out of Amma's deep resolve for our spiritual enhancement, and when practiced with dedication is designed to bring integration into your life—an integration of body, mind, intellect, and heart. It consists of gentle yoga poses and seated meditation, and incorporates movement, breath, sound, and visualization.

It is taught for free by trained volunteers during Amma's international tours, throughout the year at many locations, and now also virtually. Versions have been taught to thousands of people worldwide, many of whom have been given instruction sponsored by companies or organizations, including the Indian Army, Navy and Paramilitary, Whole Foods Corporation, Genentech USA, State University of New York, and the Juvenile Detention Center in Santa Fe, NM.

Three IAM Meditation Techniques 

IAM-35 meditation is offered for those people who are deeply interested in spiritual practice. The course includes Amma’s spiritual teachings on meditation and practical guidance for a worry-free life. It is a 35-minute practice that integrates several modalities—focusing on movement, breath, sound, and visualization.

IAM-20 meditation is a unique integration of gentle yoga poses with an effective and easy to practice sitting meditation. It can be comfortably performed by anyone in just 20 minutes per day. This technique is open to all, as it is a secular practice without any religious symbolism or requirement.

Youth IAM gives young people happiness, focus, calm, self-esteem, and inner strength. There are two versions: Youth IAM for ages 10-14 & Youth IAM for ages 15-18. This meditation may be practiced together by parents and children.


IAM Courses, Refresher Classes, and Guided Sessions

IAM Courses are for those who are new to IAM meditation. Also, if it has been a long time since you have practiced or took the class, or if you can't remember much of the technique, it is best to retake the full IAM Course. There are three versions of the technique: IAM-20 (2-3 hour course), IAM-35 (8 hour course), and IAM for Youth (1-2 hour course).

IAM Refresher Classes are for those who have previously completed the IAM Course, and have either become inconsistent in their IAM practice, can't remember all the steps or have questions, or took the course a long time ago. It includes a guided session, time for questions and reviewing handouts, and practice tips.

IAM Guided Sessions are intended for IAM graduates who have already completed the full IAM Course. The steps of the technique are verbally guided, and there is an opportunity for extended silent meditation together. Guided meditation helps to deepen and support an individual's daily practice, and meditation in a group is beneficial for all who participate.