January 31, 2024 San Ramon, CA
When we think of meditation, we might picture someone sitting cross-legged with eyes closed and hands on the knees with the thumb and forefinger touching. But the definition of meditation is much broader, as Amma has said: “Meditating doesn’t just mean siting in a lotus posture with your eyes... more ›
November 29, 2023 San Ramon, CA
Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM®) has helped youth in many areas of life, including preparation for high school college entrance exams, such as the SAT. Prior to practicing the Youth IAM meditation, students often experienced getting below-standard results on official tests, even though they knew... more ›
July 31, 2023 San Ramon, CA
Knowledge that we can gain from our five senses is limited. How could we possibly find the time to learn about everything in our world? For example, we know our smart phone works and works well, but might never have any idea how it operates. Also, our senses by nature are finite: we can try to... more ›
May 30, 2023 San Ramon, CA
There are many meditation and breathing techniques that implement the awareness of pauses in the practice. Such pauses deepen our practice by slowing down the mind and body, thereby allowing us to become calmer and more inwardly focused. Pauses come in many different forms. In meditation, it could... more ›
May 1, 2023 San Ramon, CA
Those of us who practice meditation have often wondered if we are benefitting from our practice. Especially in the beginning, when it can be challenging to stick with meditation—knowing we are benefitting helps us stay the course. When Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM) was first... more ›
March 2, 2023 San Ramon, CA
A scientific study on the physiological effects of Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM®) was conducted in 2011 at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. The objective was to observe the effect of IAM Meditation on the stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisol. During that time, yoga and... more ›
January 2, 2023 San Ramon, CA
Is a regular meditation practice one of your new year’s resolutions? We invite you to consider some suggestions we have given to many Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM®) students throughout the years. Amma says, "We should meditate regularly and sincerely without stopping, until we attain one-... more ›
December 2, 2022 San Ramon, CA
According to Amma, the purpose of meditation is “to become love, to experience that Oneness.” The steps to realize this include the goal of making the mind one-pointed, the essence of all spiritual disciplines. Here are a few meditation tips from Amma, from the book “108 Quotes on Meditation": “... more ›
November 1, 2022 San Ramon, CA
Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM) has been taught successfully to people from many walks of life around the globe—including medical staff and patients, firefighters, active military personnel and veterans, teachers and students in public schools and colleges, and many others from a variety of... more ›
September 29, 2022 San Ramon, CA
Do you have a meditation practice already? In a way, this question is a trick one, because in truth, everyone in the world meditates—you might just not know it! Meditation can be viewed as simply the practice of one-pointed attention. The world is composed of a myriad of possibilities to experience... more ›