The Secret to Meditation

Do you have a meditation practice already? In a way, this question is a trick one, because in truth, everyone in the world meditates—you might just not know it!

Meditation can be viewed as simply the practice of one-pointed attention. The world is composed of a myriad of possibilities to experience meditation—whoever has become engrossed in gazing at a beautiful sunset or lost in the moment of walking through a lush forest, totally unaware of the outside world, or in contemplation of an internal or external image, knows the experience of meditation. Even becoming so hungry that there is only the thought of food, is a form of meditation—so a baby eagerly awaiting its mother’s milk has already experienced meditation!

When love is considered, the act of meditation takes on an even greater context. According to Amma, “those who think that love and meditation are two different things haven’t understood the depth and meaning of either. When love deepens, it naturally becomes meditation. Love is the power that helps the flower of meditation grow, blossom, and spread its fragrance everywhere. First, desire-based love should become selfless love. Gradually it moves from worship of God to worship of the Formless Divine.”

Amma goes on to say, “When the mind dissolves in true meditation, there is no return. Once the mind is established therein, one becomes the very heart of the universe…one begins to attract everything. One obtains everything. One becomes a mere presence capable of uplifting all, a lovely presence that touches all beings like a flowing river, a passing breeze.” *

Each one of us has a choice, either to experience meditative states by happenstance, or to experience the deep benefits of a daily meditation practice. Amma says that meditation is like finding the remote control to the TV of our mind. Through its practice, we gain back the control of our mind. IAM meditation is Amma’s gift to the world for us to be able to intentionally experience joy, relaxation, inner peace or even bliss, when we choose. IAM is available to all who are interested. Please CLICK HERE to see the IAM Meditation Course schedule on this website.

*Quote from “Amma is Meditation,” by Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri, Matruvani, September 2017, Vol. 29 No. 2