Testimonials of IAM-20 Meditation

As the number of Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM®) classes has grown over the years, so has the variety of venues. Thanks to Amma who brought us IAM-20, a secular and shorter version of the original IAM, instructors have introduced the technique to new groups and institutions. From public schools and veteran centers to jails and juvenile detention centers, IAM is reaching a broader audience each year.

It is inspiring to hear about IAM through the voice of students. The first group of testimonials comes from both men and women in the Colorado El Paso County Jail.

Testimonials from inmates:

“I look forward to this every week!”

“This is my favorite class! Thank you so much for coming in here to share this with us.”

“I’ve had so much stress, I really needed this!”  

“I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this peaceful.”

“This is better than any drug I ever took!”

“I am able to control my anger better when I do the meditation."

“I never knew I could feel such peace. Just for a while I felt like I was not in jail.”

“I felt, like, integrity. This is my favorite class; I would not miss it for anything.”

Testimonials from prison guards:

"Inmates that do the meditation don't get into fights as much."

“The IAM meditation makes my job easier...inmates are easier to control!"

This next group of testimonials comes from the Veteran Center in Concord, CA. Included are veterans young and older, who served in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan:

“My wife says: I'm a lot calmer, don't fly off the handle as much, take things in stride more--other ways beside arguing, fighting. I don't drink like I used to. It’s been 3 months. Definitely made a major good impact. My wife gave the center director a call expressing gratitude and thanking him for the changes.”

“My dreams aren't as violent, better quality of sleep, and I am more relaxed during the day. I don’t have as many intrusive thoughts during day. I have more patience.”

“It (IAM) keeps me on an even keel.  I am more relaxed, more able to cope with negative situations when they occur. I would recommend the course to others. The IAM program has been very beneficial for me in life, relationships, and well-being.”

“I am less irritable, sleep better, with less intrusive dreams; I am more relaxed and it helps with pain management. I would recommend the IAM course to others. It feels great. My wife wants to take the IAM class.”

“My dreams aren't as violent, better quality of sleep, and I more relaxed during the day. I don’t have as many intrusive thoughts during day. I have more patience.”

The third group of testimonials comes from our public schools. Children ages 10-18 are taught a version of IAM tailored to their age group. The following feedback is from a high school guidance counselor and IAM instructor in Palo Alto, CA, regarding high school students:

“We have seen better college entrance exam results from students. They report feeling more confident, focused, and relaxed. I have gotten this same type of feedback from many students over the years—in which time I have taught over 1000 students the technique.”

Feedback from a Physical Education (PE) teacher at Monte Vista High School in Danville, CA:

“Students learned a concise clear relatable routine for meditation. Throughout the instruction, they were able to better understand the connection between mind and body, particularly how slowing the body can help slow the mind and how different sounds can impact both emotions and the mind.”  —Natalie Kendall, PE Teacher

This last group of testimonials comes from people from many walks of life:

“This practice has made an incredible impact on my life. It has helped me to sleep better and manage my anxieties. It has helped to ground me and become more balanced. I am very grateful.” —Student from San Diego, CA

“After IAM meditation, my blood pressure has gone down as much as 20 points!”—online IAM student

“IAM has greatly changed my life.” —Student from San Diego, CA

"Helped me with relieving stress"—Student in Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for this amazing gift!"—Student in Atlanta, GA

“I love this meditation. I am so grateful that Amma has given this to us.” —Student in Chicago, Il

“It amazes me how deeply relaxed I can be, and how my mind can actually be quiet! I am very motivated to do this meditation daily.” —Student in Chicago, Il

As can be seen, IAM has positively impacted many people from various spheres of life and age groups. Whether it is to find inner peace, reduce pain from war injury, or improve student preparation for taking exams, IAM has helped. We conclude with this final testimonial:

After losing my beloved husband to cancer over three years ago, I was introduced to the IAM-20 meditation practice. I have been meditating daily ever since. During meditation I can feel safe, at peace, and genuinely at one with God. Meditating offered me relief during the many months of deep and profound grief. That I can do this anywhere at any time is now one of life’s greatest gifts. For me, meditation has become as important as my breath. I also believe meditation has helped relieve me of anxiety and fears and is measurably helping me to become a more compassionate human being. I will be forever grateful for this gift. —Leslie L., Author, Writing Coach, and Media Specialist