MahaLakshmi Puja

Lakshmi Puja provides wealth and financial success. Removes obstacles in personal and professional life. Reduces the negative effects of Graha Dosha (planetary defects). Increases communication skills which in turn results in better outcome for business. It provides grace for a harmonious family life. It will be performed based on the Kerala tradition by Pujarini Meera.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but if you want make a sankalpa/special intention there will be an opportunity to sign up for the puja. People who are unable to attend can also sign up for the puja. Please contact us or check our events page for the next homa /puja  event.

Pujas and Homas are regularly conducted by Pujarini Meera. To know about the Pujas and Homas and have one performed at your place, please contact Meera.