Guided Meditation: IAM-20

IAM Guided Meditation Sessions are for IAM graduates who have completed the full IAM Course. The steps of the technique are verbally guided, and there is an opportunity for extended silent meditation together. Guided meditation helps to deepen and support an individual's daily practice, and meditation in a group is beneficial for all who participate. Depending on the session, it is about 30 - 60 minutes. Please contact each instructor/team to register: include your full name, when and where you attended the IAM Course, and the day of the week/time of each session you wish to sign up for.

IAM-20 Guided Meditation

With Pacific Northwest
IAM Team on Zoom

Mondays 9 am PDT/12 pm EDT
Thursdays 8 pm PDT/11 pm EDT
Saturdays 9 am PDT/12 pm EDT

With Jagrati from Santa Fe, NM on Zoom
Mondays 5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT

With Abhaya & Manasa from Georgia on Zoom
Tuesdays 3:30 pm PDT/6:30 pm EDT

With New York/New Jersey
IAM Team via conference call

Wednesdays 4 am PDT/7 am EDT
Fridays 4 am PDT/7 am EDT

With Anadi on Zoom
Spanish: Thursdays 4 pm PDT/7 pm EDT

With Eknath from Mexico & California on Zoom
English: Saturdays 5:00 pm PDT/8:00 pm EDT
Spanish: Saturdays 9 am PDT/12 pm EDT

With Southern California
IAM Team on Zoom

September 13 - 20
8 – 8:45 am PDT/11 – 11:45 am EDT