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Apple trees in bloom in the Amma Canada orchard

"Nature is our first mother. She nurtures us throughout our lives. Our birth mother may allow us to sit on her lap for a couple of years, but Mother Nature patiently bears our weight our entire life. Just as a child is obligated to his birth mother, we should all feel an obligation and responsibility towards Mother Nature. If we forget this responsibility, it is equal to forgetting our own self. If we forget Nature, we will cease to exist, for to do so is to walk towards death." ~ Amma

Volunteer picking Bosc pears

Amma Canada Farming Activities

The Amma Canada Farm is a 14-acre property at 9158 Trafalgar Road, Georgetown (near Toronto, Ontario) that was acquired by Amma Canada in May 2008. An orchard was planted on the property beginning in 2010. The farm currently features an orchard with over 200 fruit trees (mostly apple & pear, and a few cherry), a large vegetable garden (~1/2 acre) and four beehives. Since 2008, fruits and veggies have been grown using only fertilizers and pesticides that have been approved by Health Canada for organic farming.

Sunflower growing in veggie garden

Care for the orchards, veggie garden, and bee hives is labour intensive and run entirely by volunteers: many hours are spent planting seedlings and installing irrigation, weeding and cutting grass, pruning and spraying, in hive maintenance and honey extraction. And then there's the harvesting!

A small portion of the harvest is sold to the public, to raise funds to support ongoing farm activities, and Amma's charities. The majority, particularly of the fruit, is donated to local food banks and food programs. During the 2023 season, the Amma Canada orchard alone donated 12,821 lbs of apples and pears to food banks throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This total does not include donations of green beans, Swiss chard, kale, etc that the veggie garden has donated. The Farming Coordinators offer their sincere thanks to all the volunteers who support the orchards, veggie garden and beehives.

Farm produce on the veggie stall table

The Farm can always use more volunteers! To learn more about what happens on the Farm and how you can help, browse past Farm News posts or email to be connected with our Farm Coordinator or Beekeeper.

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Beekeepers lifting frame at hive