GreenFriends Programs

Volunteers after Newcastle Park clean-up 2023

"Nature is our first mother. She nurtures us throughout our lives. Our birth mother may allow us to sit on her lap for a couple of years, but Mother Nature patiently bears our weight our entire life. Just as a child is obligated to his birth mother, we should all feel an obligation and responsibility towards Mother Nature. If we forget this responsibility, it is equal to forgetting our own self. If we forget Nature, we will cease to exist, for to do so is to walk towards death." ~ Amma

Amma Canada GreenFriends Activities

All of our volunteers are always welcome to participate in any GreenFriends activities. GreenFriends is an international environmental initiative of Embracing the World. We aim to serve and protect nature through a variety of volunteer-based projects. In 2005, Amma Canada adopted Newcastle Park in Brampton, Ontario, and every year we host a clean up of the park. We also participate in regular tree planting events in conjunction with surrounding municipalities. To learn more, please email

"When we have a loving and compassionate attitude towards plants and trees, we can learn to listen and understand them." ~ Amma

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Volunteer planting trees